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“At Home” Movie Contest launched by Film Las Cruces

April 10th, 2020|

Film Las Cruces has launched the "At Home" movie contest.  Click on the link below for all the details. https://www.lascrucesbulletin.com/stories/film-las-cruces-has-launched-the-at-home-movie-contest,3652?fbclid=IwAR3TqieDM-Pcpor7DxBhuL2fxHUmUHhbjbLBJbwn_P4RTaIRRXMJDtuB0hs

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Ever wonder what members of the Dona Ana Arts Council think about art? While not all of us are artist (although we can boast that many of us are), we all share a steadfast appreciation and understanding that the arts are essential to developing our local community and culture. Art connects us, inspires us, and gives our children better tools to learn and change the world around us.

Could use most of the day creating

Susan Bruce-Feinsod

Art feeds the soul. It is the thing that makes 'sense' in a world that sometimes doesn't make sense. It calms the spirit and allows feelings to be safely expressed without harm or injury. It is necessary for a peace-filled life.

Jan Archey

The very first thing most children ever draw is a spiral, then a house, and finally a stick figure. The family of man has always been compelled to make their mark, whether it's on rock, paper, clay, or a painted surface. I believe the arts connects us all on a much deeper level than we will ever realize. Art CAN infuse all the core subjects; creating a visual, kinesthetic, or auditory sensation that finally completes the learning circuit in many young minds. The arts are the bridge that connects us all. So forget about what the product and focus on the process, keep your HeART pumping!

Lisa Carlson